Repair or replace the windshield depends on the damage

Many vehicles are being used by the people and except bikes most of the vehicles are having the wind shield. Wind shield is a glass which protects the driver and the other people inside the vehicle from the wind during travel. It also protects them from the dust, insects, rocks and other similar debris. The shields which are manufactured in these days are made of plastic-coated safety glass. Hence this will ensure the safety of the occupants in the vehicle. Very rarely, some bikes will be having the windshield and it will be made of acrylic plastic.

In the earlier days, the wind shields were made up of ordinary glass and it was very dangerous for the occupants in the vehicle. If they met with a small accident, the glass will be broken and it will cause severe injuries to them. To overcome this problem, the shields were manufactured with high toughen glass and it will be fixed in the vehicle using rubber or neoprene seal. These glasses will be shattered into small pieces when the vehicle is met with an accident. But it will not hurt the people as the ordinary glass does. But in the present days, the glass in the windshields is coated with a plastic material. If there is any mishap, then the glass will not be broken. It will just fractured and the plastic coat will prevent the glass from shattered into small pieces. 

The windshield is also an important thing like air bags and seat belts. Without the windshield, it is very difficult to drive the vehicle. There are some restrictions defined by the government of different countries for using tint in the windshield. Many of the vehicle owners will have the tinted glass for the windshield. Mostly the glasses will be tinted more in the top area of the glass to avoid the sun glare. But sometimes, it will restrict the proper vision of the driver in the night travels. Hence the government authorities are advising the vehicle owners to avoid tint in the windshields. When it is broken or damaged, it has to be repaired or replaced. Mostly the windshields will be replaced, if such things happened. If the damage is repaired in the shield, it will not look good in the vehicle. Also the owner cannot assure when or will be broken again.

But those who cannot afford for the new windshield can repair the existing one. The cheap wind shield replacement will be varied on the level of damage. For example, in US the cost will be around $75 if it is a stone damage for 1 to 1 ½ inches. If there is an additional damage in the same glass, then extra $25 will be charged. The cheap wind shield replacement will be high if it is a crack. For a short crack, $89 will be charged. If it is a long crack for 12 inches then the cost will be around $99. Similarly, it will be varied if the damage is severe. 

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